www.lowes.com Survey

www.lowes.com/survey is a survey website which is used by Lowe’s to gather Lowe’s customer feedback about shopping experience. By filling www.lowes.com/survey customers can enter monthly Lowe’s sweepstakes.

To be able to enter Lowe’s sweepstakes online you need to complete www.lowes.com/survey within 10 days of visiting Lowe’s store. This is done to ensure that your recollections of store visit are still fresh.

If you missed 10 days deadline you can still enter the sweepstakes by legibly writing your full name, street address (no P.O. boxes), city, state, ZIP code, daytime telephone number, and e-mail address (if available) on a postcard and mailing it in a standard #10 size business envelope to:

Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse 2012/2013 Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes

P.O. Box 2274

Framingham, MA 01703-2274

How to use www.Lowes.com/survey

  1. Enter https://www.lowes.com/survey into your browser address bar
  2. Make sure that your browser displays a lock icon in the address bar next to https://www.lowes.com/survey. This lock icon shows that your connection is SSL encrypted and you are safe to enter personal information into the website. Double check that there are no misspellings of https://www.lowes.com/survey website address in the address bar. This is necessary to prevent phishing attacks.
  3. On a first page you need to choose if you live in US or Canada. After that you need to click on “Next”.
  4. On a second page you will select if you’d like to complete the survey in English or Spanish. After that you need to click on “Next”.
  5. On a third page of the survey you need to fill fields with your time of visit, total amount spent and Receipt 12-digit ID Number. Click on “Next” button to proceed with survey.
  6. www.lowes.com/survey website will ask you several questions about your experience at Lowe’s. You will be asked about the quality of service, cleanliness, and your overall shopping experience
  7. Once you complete the survey questions you will be asked to provide your contact information to get coupons and sweepstakes entry
  8. As a final step www.Lowes.com/survey will enter you into Lowe’s sweepstakes. Make sure to read rules of sweepstakes on the http://sweepstakes.lrwext.com/lowes/rules.html

Useful URLs

My Lowe’s Life Portal Login Guide

My Lowe’s Life Portal is located on myloweslife.com domain. It is a portal owned by Lowe’s Companies Inc., an American retail home improvement company with headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina. Lowe’s operates 2,355 stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. myloweslife.com website hosts various online services accessible to Lowe’s full-time and part-time employees. Here is a short list of services available on myloweslife.com for employees.

  • Paycheck online access
  • Health insurance and prescription drugs benefit enrollment and management
  • Car insurance benefit access
  • Dental insurance benefit enrollment and management
  • Vision insurance benefit enrollment and management
  • Life and disability insurance benefit enrollment and management
  • Employment Stock purchase plan benefit
  • 401(k) retirement management
  • Tuition reimbursement benefit

To make navigation through multitude of myloweslife.com services Lowe’s created http://mylowesbenefits.com/ website which provides a structured description of benefits and services available to Lowe’s employees. You can get familiar with Lowe’s benefits website by watching this introduction video.

Employee Support

If you’d like to get some help navigating Lowe’s Benefits you can contact your HR Manager. Alternatively you can also call HR Shared Services at 1-888-HRINFO5.

Loging in to myloweslife.com

Below are steps required to login to My Lowe’s Life SSO Portal. Make sure that you use secure computer to access myloweslife.com website.

  1. Open your browser and navigate to https://myloweslife.com
  2. In the left top corner type your sales number into “Sales Number” field
  3. Type your password into “Password” field
  4. Click “Login” button
  5. You should see main navigation page of My Lowe’s Life portal

If you have problems with login check that your Caps Lock button is turned off and that correct language is selected.

If you still unable to login click on “Forgot password” link to reset your password on My Lowe’s Life login page.

Helpful URLs